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Custom Rolex watches are starting to be seen more and more these days. Using accessories like watch straps to give your Rolex Watch a slightly different look and feel has been going on for years. This practice doesn't apply to Custom Rolex either. You see this across a number of different brands and markets (Custom Cars is a big one). While changing these elements won't increase the value of your watch it does allow you to preserve the original bracelet for a later sale date. We all know the value of all original mint condition items right? Seems like a smart way to go if you ask us. You will find a number of Rolex Gifts, Rolex Accessories, and Custom Rolex options here on our Custom Rolex & Accessories Page. Please note: any alteration to a Rolex Watch can and will void any factory/store warranty you may have purchased. An example of this would be buying and replacing your current bezel with an aftermarket or non factory diamond bezel. Rolex really frowns upon this because the precision and quality control at the factory can not be matched anywhere in the world.