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Rolex Bracelets & Sizes

Although there are only five Rolex bracelets, each bracelet has a number style options such as metal type, color, and clasp type.

Rolex bracelets include:

  • Oyster
  • Jubilee
  • President
  • Pearlmaster
  • Leather

The Oyster, Jubilee, and President bracelets are very popular and standard equipment on most Rolex models.

 Rolex Bracelets


Men's Oyster




Men's Rolex Jubilee Bracelet




Men's Rolex President Bracelet




Rolex Pearlmaster Bracelet




Rolex Leather Strap



The Oyster Bracelet:

Is most commonly found on the Sports Model watches like the Rolex Submariner, Rolex Explorer, and Rolex Milguass watches. The square'ish looking links are generally wide and of a solid piece. They are connected on either end by interlocking toung and grove then secured via screw down link pin. Oyster links being one piece are sturdy work horse type of link that can come brushed polished, or with high center link polish. You will find them in Stainless Steel, Gold, as well as Two Tone. 

The Jubilee Bracelet:

Is a very common bracelet for a number of watches, but most common you will see this bracelet on a  Rolex Datejust. The Jubilee bracelet tends to lean towards the "dress" watches that you would take out for a special occasion. The links themselves are made up of a few different pieces held together by an in excessable pin, then linked to gether much like a puzzle of metal, and then secured through the link pin holes. The link pin wil cross 4 times between the two links before being screwed tight and secure. It is a very nice link pattern that is very unique. Again you will find Stainless Steel, Gold, and Two Tone metal types for the Jubilee Bracelet.

The President Bracelet:

14k or 18k Yellow gold runs through this watch bracelet that is instantly recongnizable. It only appears on two watches: The Rolex President (Day-Date) for men and the Lady President. Since the Day-Date isn't as common a purchase as other lines from leading swiss manufacturer the links can get pretty costly to replace. The gold and balance of the bracelet is awesome when you try on a watch, and a bit more solid then lets say the Jubilee style bracelet.

The Pearlmaster Bracelet:

This particular bracelet is very unique. In fact, this bracelet is very original to the entire watch making community. The bracelet looks very closely related to an oyster bracelet, however; there is a touch of jubilee braclet as the connector links are not solid pieces (as in the oyster). This gives the Pearlmaster bracelet a very intersting and well finished look. You will find this bracelet in a number of different metal types that include gold, white gold, rose gold, and the "Tridor". The Tridor is made up of all three gold metals to create a super bracelet of color.

Lady Rolex Bracelets

The Lady Rolex Like is much of the same as the mens. The Oyster, Jubilee, and President Barcelets are the most common forms. Althgouth; they share the same Rolex Bracelet structure, the width and length are notcibly smaller. You really can see this when compared side by side.


 Rolex Oyster Women's



Rolex Jubilee Bracelet Women's



Rolex President Bracelet Women's


Rolex Bracelet Sizes

Reference Style Size Model
70130 Oyster 13mm Lady Oyster Perpetual
72130-72133 Oyster 13mm Lady Datejust
74138-74139 Oyster 13mm Lady Datejust
63130-63133 Jubilee 13mm Lady Datejust
83135-83139 President 13mm Lady Datejust
84136-84138 President 13mm Lady Datejust
70160 Oyster 16mm Oyster Perpetual
72160-72163 Oyster 16mm Midsize Datejust
73168 Oyster 16mm Midsize Datejust
63160-63163 Jubilee 16mm Midsize
64169 Jubilee 16mm Midsize Datejust
83165-83169 President 16mm Midsize Datejust
84166-84168 President 16mm Midsize Datejust
78740-78748 Oyster (Professional) 17mm Yacht-Master
78750-78758 Oyster (Professional) 17mm Yacht-Master
72848-72849 Oyster 17mm Datejust (Special Edition)
74818-74819 Oyster 17mm Datejust (Special Edition)
74828-74829 Oyster 17mm Datejust (Special Edition)
74838 Oyster 17mm Datejust (Special Edition)
74858 Oyster 17mm Datejust (Special Edition)
70190 Oyster 19mm Air-King
72190 Oyster 19mm "Date" Model
70200 Oyster 20mm Oyster Perpetual
72600-72603 Oyster 20mm Mens Datejust
73205-73209 Oyster 20mm Day-Date
72400 Oyster (Prefessional) 20mm Milgauss
77200 Oyster (Prefessional) 20mm Explorer
78790 Oyster (Professional) 20mm Explorer II
74768-74769 Oyster (Professional) 20mm GMT-Master II
78200-78209 Oyster (Professional) 20mm GMT-Master II
78590-78599 Oyster (Professional) 20mm Daytona
78760 Oyster (Professional) 20mm Yacht-Master
93150 Oyster (Professional) 20mm Submariner (Date Model)
97200-97209 Oyster (Professional) 20mm Submariner (Date Model)
72746-72748 Oyster 20mm Day-Date (Special Edition)
72748 Oyster 20mm Day-Date (Tridor)
74746 Oyster 20mm Day-Date (Diamonds)
83205-83219 President 20mm Day-Date
84206-84209 President 20mm Day-Date
63208 Jubilee 20mm Mens Datjust
63600-63603 Jubilee 20mm Mens Datjust
72210-72213 Oyster 21mm Datjust II
78218-78219 Oyster (Professional) 21mm Yacht-Master II
98210 Oyster (Professional) 21mm DeepSea
83215-83219 President 21mm Day-Date II